Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown


Once again the Federal government is shut down because Republicans and Democrats are unable to negotiate and resolve serious issues facing our nation.  The sad thing is, next week we'll get to see both sides blame each other for their joint failure to do the people’s business. 

A question we should all be thinking about is how will the SHUT DOWN affect Utah? 

Let's take a look at 2013 when Utah suffered a similar shut down:

  • ALL of Utah’s great National Parks were closed until UTAH started footing the bill with emergency funding to keep them open with limited services
  • UTAH’s tourism industry lost an estimated $30 million
  • WIC funding was suspended and was not available for Utah families in desperate need[1]

Sadly, that's not all. 

According to Utah state officials, for every day that the government remains shut down, it will cost Utah taxpayers $3 MILLION, for just one day. [2]

Let that sink in for a minute: 3. Million. Dollars. Every. Day.  No matter what political party you affiliate with, that's not good.

Two parties are not enough to get things done and achieve practicality and compromise. Rather than continue wasting money during government shut downs in this and future administrations, help us turn the tide!  There is power in numbers and we need your help.

Go to the United Utah Party’s website TODAY and sign up to be a monthly donor! If you will commit to contributing just $20.18 a month, we commit to fighting for a better outlook in our great State of Utah and in Washington!

If you can’t donate monthly, then please consider making a one-time donation HERE or sign up to be a volunteer!