Newsletter - Millennial Mindset

Newsletter - Millennial Mindset

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  • Chair's Note -- Millennial Mindset
  • Statewide Term Limits Hearings Continue
  • Come to County Conventions
  • United Utah Tax Reform Summit
  • No Taxation Without Open Primaries
  • Other Upcoming Events -- Volunteers Needed
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Chair's Note - Millennial Mindset

This past Saturday, the United Utah Party held a social for Young Uniters.  It was heartening to see people there who are interested in making a difference in our political system.   Voter turnout for millennials has risen in recent years. 

But participation does not mean younger voters are happy with their choices.  An NBC News poll in 2018 found that only 44 percent of millennials had a favorable view of the Democratic Party.  The Republican Party fared worse - only 24 percent of millennials felt favorable towards them.  These young voters are looking for an alternative:  A 2017 NBC News survey found 70 percent of millennials wanted a third party. 


Our task is to let millennial voters in Utah realize they do have an alternative.  They don't have to choose between two extremes.  They can help build a new party that will offer practical, moderate candidates who eschew the extremism politics that is poisoning our system today.

We need to let them know that the United Utah Party is the party for those who don't like political parties.   For example, we are willing to take a good idea, regardless of where it comes from.  We are willing to find common ground with the left and the right to reach policy decisions.  We want to bring people together - not drive them apart with ideology.


We don't believe in imposing litmus tests on people to join our party.  We don't require candidates or party leaders to sign pledges to support the party platform, like the Utah Republicans do.  We believe people should be able to think for themselves.

Help us get that message out to millennials.


Tell a young person about the UUP.  Let them know they have an alternative.

Democrat or Republican?  Nope.  Those are not the only options. 


A new party is in town - and it is not your grandparents' political party!



- Richard Davis, Chair

Statewide Term Limits Hearings Continue


The public hearings on Unite for Term Limits have started.  They continue this week. 

United Utah Party is promoting this new citizen initiative for the 2020 ballot to set reasonable limits on times of continuous service of top elected officials and state legislators.  The initiative has been receiving considerable attention.  

In short, Unite for Term Limits would limit state legislators to 12 years of continuous service and state executive officers to eight years.  For the full text of the bill, click here.  

Didn't make it to the first hearings?  Don't worry.  You can still support this initiative by coming to one of the remaining hearings.

Come and voice your support for this important act of citizen involvement.  After brief explanations of the law, people will be invited to speak their mind about it.  We would love to hear your voices.  


Here is the remaining schedule:  


Uintah Basin Region:  Crossroads Senior Center, 50 E. 200 South, Roosevelt, Utah  84066

Tuesday, 27 August 2019 at 6:30 p.m.


Southeast Region:  Utah State University Eastern boardroom, 451 E. 400 North, Price, Utah 

Thursday, 29 August 2019 at 5:30 p.m.


Wasatch Front Region:  Millcreek Community Library, Rooms B&C, 2266 E. Evergreen Avenue, E. Millcreek, Utah  84109

Saturday, 31 August 2019 at 10:30 a.m.


Bear River Region:  Whittier Community Center, 290 N. 400 East, Logan, Utah  84321

Saturday, 31 August 2019 at 2:00 p.m.

Come to County Conventions

Bring your energy to one of our county conventions.  We need your support.

The purpose of these conventions is to elect county officers, help party supporters get to know each other, and work together to build the party in the county.  We invite to our county conventions anyone interested in a new alternative to the dysfunctional Republicans and Democrats. Come join us in building a new political system built on moderation, common sense, and practicality.  You will find other like-minded people who want to end the partisan gridlock that dominates today's politics.
United Utah county conventions are open to the public. However, only those who are registered members of the party can vote on party business at the convention. For those not already UUP members, voter registration can be done in advance at or at the door.

Check your calendars.   


Date Place

Sa, 7 Sep @ 10:30 am

Manti City Hall Auditorium, Manti

Sa, 14 Sep      @ 10:30 am

Kaysville Library Auditorium, Kaysville
Wash. Sa, 21 Sep      @ 10:00 am Desert Hills High School, Saint George
Iron Sa, 21 Sep @ 1:00 pm Cedar City Library, Cedar City
Wasatch We, 25 Sep   @ 7:00 pm Wasatch High School, Heber City
Weber Sa, 12 Oct @ 10:30 am Weber County Library, Ogden

Sa, 12 Oct @ 1:30 pm

Whittier Center, Logan
Utah Th, 17 Oct      @ 7:00 pm Provo Library, Room 201


United Utah Tax Reform Summit 

It's the right time to be talking about Utah tax reform in a logical, reasoned way.  


We will be holding our second annual issue summit. Last year we covered housing affordability.

We invite various experts to explain an issue, and we invite the public to listen and ask questions of them.

When:  September 28, 2019 at 10:30 am -12 noon

Where:  Day Riverside Branch, Salt Lake County Library, 1575 W. 1000 North, Salt Lake City

No Taxation Without Open Primaries 

Key UUP reform - Taxpayer money should only pay for open primaries.

In Utah, the state pays the cost of administering primary elections. For example, to participate in a Republican primary, you have to be a registered Republican. This means that people who choose, for whatever reason, not to register as a Republican have to pay for the primary, but have no voice in who becomes the Republican nominee. This is especially problematic in a state where the Republican nominee often runs unopposed or is a shoo-in for the office because of the way districts have been drawn. If parties want closed primaries, they should pay for the election themselves.



Other Upcoming Events - Volunteers Needed




Saturday, September 7, 2019 at 8 AM – 6 PM 

2nd Avenue between M and R Streets, Salt Lake City


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The United Utah Party is dedicated to providing and supporting moderate alternatives to the political extremes.

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