Weekly Newsletter - Supreme Court Reform

Weekly Newsletter - Supreme Court Reform


  • Chair's Note
  • Canvass Saturday for Castagno and Russell
  • Family Social
  • Other Events . . . Coming Soon
  • Who Is the United Utah Party?
  • More to Share on Facebook
  • Support Our Teachers
  • United Utah Supports Ranked Choice Voting
  • Campaign Finance Reform - Oh, Do We Need It!
  • House Rules Reform in Congress

Chair's Note

There could be no better evidence of the need for our party than the current sordid Supreme Court nomination process.  The two sides in the process are ready to tear apart the integrity of judicial selection to accomplish their partisan ends.  The Supreme Court has become a football in the hands of partisans.  That is not what the Framers intended.  It is not what citizens today should intend either for our highest court.


We need to reform the Supreme Court nomination process.  I wrote a book about this that appeared last year.  Some of the reforms included limiting the terms of justices so the process of replacement occurs every two years and defuses the tension over a process where no one (except perhaps a justice) knows when the next vacancy will occur, creating a nominating committee of jurists who suggest nominees to the president (thus removing the process from various interest groups), and limiting Senate questions to avoid the tendency to attempt to commit the would-be justice to particular ideological and issue stances. 


Reform is what the United Utah Party is about as well.  The reforms we want in our political system are intended to promote greater transparency, increase public participation, create a more level playing field for electoral competition, facilitate rotation in office, etc.  We strive to improve our system of government - both at the state and federal level.


If you and others you know are satisfied with the status quo, there are two major parties that you will want to stick with.  But if you think we can all do better, join us.  And urge your friends and neighbors to join us.

Take action now to change our political system for the better.

What can you do?

Go to unitedutah.org/donate and give so we can get our message out and our candidates can win elections.

Go to unitedutah.org and volunteer.

Come to the events advertised in this newsletter.

Contact our executive assistant and offer to help our candidates.

We need your help.   Give now while there is still time before the next election.

- Richard Davis, Chair



Canvass Saturday for Castagno and Russell

Alex Castagno (running for Senate 9 in south Salt Lake County) and Mark Russell (running for House 49 in the Sandy area) need your help on Saturday to walk neighborhoods for them.  

Screen_Shot_2018-05-15_at_4.23.34_PM.png   Screen_Shot_2018-09-26_at_10.00.23_AM.png

Date: Saturday, September 29

Meet Time: 8:50am 

Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm

Meeting/start Location: Sandy City Library: 10100 Petunia Way, Sandy, UT 84092

We need all of you to come and help.  It's not hard.  You will be rewarded, if only inside. 
Contact Lexie at 
[email protected] for more information.  



Family Social


Come join us for our Family Fundraising Social at Lindon City Park on Saturday, September 29th from 4:30 to 7:30 pm. There will be ice cream, games, and the chance to meet your candidates running for office. Be there . . . and be united!





Other Events . . . Coming Soon

The United Utah Party is holding a Housing Affordability Summit.  29 September at 1:00 pm

Kent Norton, a former KSL personality, has agreed to serve as moderator. Panelists at the summit will include Dejan Eskic from the Kem Gardner Institute at the University of Utah, Urban Planning Professor Michael Clark from Brigham Young University, Tara Rollins of the Utah Housing Coalition, Jeff Southard of the Utah Homebuilders Association, and Zach Schofield, a research analyst with the Sutherland Institute.

"Many people think of 'housing affordability' as a problem faced by the homeless and indigent; however, it is clearly becoming a challenge for many young families and seniors on fixed incomes,” said Deon Turley, the UnitedUtah Party Secretary who planned the event. "It will affect more and more people, if trends continue.” 

"We hope to raise community awareness, and we’re confident that the discussions will point to some approaches at solving or slowing the problem,” said Richard Davis, United Utah Party Chair. “Panelists will discuss what government, at all levels, can and should do about housing, how businesses and other organizations can help, and how individuals can have an impact in their communities.”


UUP Informational House Party

Come and invite your friends in northern Utah county and southwestern Salt Lake County to learn about the UUP
Host: Peter Thorne
Address: 3684 S Lake Mountain Drive, Saratoga Springs 
Time: Tuesday, October 2 at 7 pm

Who Is the United Utah Party?


Click here to find out

More to Share on Facebook

United Utah keeps pumping out the visuals to help the public understand what we are all about.  Do your part and share.  Please go to our Facebook page and share any of the ads that make a statement for you.  Or click on the one below to share on Facebook.  


Support Our Teachers

We need to attract the best teachers to prepare our students for an increasingly competitive and global economy. We agree with the 80% who believe raising wages is a good way to start. #teachers #utpol


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United Utah Supports Ranked Choice Voting 

United Utah supports ranked choice voting, but not just for city elections. Our state legislative candidates as legislators will press for RCV legislation to apply to partisan elections as well.

Having a hard time wrapping your mind around what it means?  That's understandable.  It's just starting to catch on.  

A simple example would help.  Suppose a Utah House race has three candidates:  

  • Candidate A - Someone you really like - someone you believe would represent your views. 
  • Candidate B - A popular candidate you think might be OK but not your preferred candidate.
  • Candidate C - Someone you believe would poorly represent you and should not be elected.  

Under the current system, you might be tempted to vote for B to keep C from winning, even though you really want A to win.  

But the dynamics would change under ranked choice voting.  You would vote by listing the candidates in order of your preference. 

  1. Candidate A
  2. Candidate B
  3. Candidate C

Your votes would be tabulated with all others.  The accountants would determine which candidate received the fewest first-place votes.  That candidate would be eliminated.  Suppose, unfortunately, that A received the fewest first-place votes and is eliminated.  If that were the case, your vote would not be wasted because your number 2 choice - B - would be given your vote.  

Of course, if there were enough of "you" voting, C might be the one eliminated, and A might prevail.  

The point is not about party.  It is that your feelings about the candidates are more accurately reflected, and you don't need to worry about wasting your vote.  


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Campaign Finance Reform - Oh, Do We Need It!

We desperately need campaign finance reform - both at the state and federal level. United Utah legislators will push for reform. Donate now to elect candidates who will make that a priority.   Unitedutah.org/donate or unitedutah on Venmo.  

Did you know that there is no limit on the amount of money that can be donated directly to a person running for state office? 



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House Rules Reform in Congress 

In Congress, the Problem Solvers Caucus is working to change House rules to favor bipartisan solutions, weaken extreme factions, weaken leaderships' heavy hand, give individual members of Congress more clout, and increase accountability and transparency.  This rules change package is called "Break the Gridlock." 

At this point, at least 15 members of Congress in both major parties are willing to withhold their vote for any speaker of the House who will not support "Break the Gridlock."  


Click here to read this article from Roll Call and share it on social media

United Utah congressional candidates Eric Eliason (1st District) and Tim Zeidner (3rd District) could join this group if elected.  They could have a large voice in breaking loose good legislation in a closely divided House.  

For more details about "Break the Gridlock," click here.