Dear Women Uniters

Dear Women Uniters

It’s time to start preparing for your 2024 candidacy!

Last month I called for Uniters to start thinking about and preparing to be candidates in 2024. Today I especially want to encourage our Women Uniters to give serious thought to being a candidate.

Women make up half the population of Utah and yet only make up less than 25% of elected officials in the State of Utah. The United Utah Party stands for fair and equal representation in government and we would love to see more women candidates and elected officials to provide more proportionate representation of our population. We have a ways to go as a State—but things can only improve if more women are willing to step-up and let their voices be heard.

A few relevant facts to consider:

Utah lags far behind other States when it comes to Women Candidates

In the 2002 report released by Utah State University on “The Status of Women in Utah Politics,” the authors noted, “Overall, while Utah women have continually gained elected seats since 2014, Utah still ranks last in WalletHub’s “Best & Worst States for Women’s Equality” (with four of 17 key indicators being focused on political empowerment) and 47th of 50 states on the Represent Women’s “Gender Parity Index,” which measures women’s political representation.”[1] [2] 


The report notes:

Percentage of Women from each State in US Congress:

  • National Average: 25.6% of each State’s congressional delegation are women
  • Utah: 0% (in fact Utah has only elected 4 women to Congress in its history and none of them to the US Senate)

Percentage of Women in Statewide Executive Offices:

  • National Average: 30.3%
  • Utah: 20%

Percentage of Women in State Legislative Seats:

  • National Average: 30.8%
  • Utah: 24%

Studies indicate that Women are less likely to consider running than Men

The Brookings Institute conducted a survey in 2001, 2011, and 2021 looking at the decision making process for men and women deciding to run for office and found a shocking “Ambition Gap” in which men were far more likely to consider running for office than women[3]. In each study they conducted a survey of 4000 potential candidates (people with professional backgrounds common such as lawyers, businesspeople, educators, and political activists).


The studies yielded interesting statistics which have not really changed at all during the last 20 years:

Have you considered running for elected office?

  • 59% of men had considered running
  • 43% of women had considered running

Are you “very qualified” to run for office?

  • 36% of men said yes
  • 20% of women said yes

Would you rate yourself as “not qualified” to run for office?

  • 8% of men said yes
  • 24% of women said yes.

Additionally, “Men are two-thirds more likely than women to have been encouraged to run by an elected official, party leader, or political activist. They are 40% more likely to receive the suggestion to run from a colleague, spouse, or family member.”

A Call for Candidates

Please let this email nudge you towards considering being a candidate. Our state needs you. Our party needs you. You can make a difference and we will help you along the way. If you would like to learn more about possibly being a candidate, please reach out to me at [email protected].


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