Donate Through Your Tax Return

Donate Through Your Tax Return

getty-031612-taxrefundcheck1_11300059.jpg Here's another way to make a contribution (at no additional cost to you!) that could help us in our efforts to change politics in Utah! 


Designate the United Utah Party on your state income tax form, above.  You simply put in the letter "U" for United Utah for both Yourself and Spouse. This costs you nothing.  Any contribution you make will not add to the tax due on your return or reduce your refund.

Here's how it works:  You may voluntarily apply $2 of your tax to the Election Campaign Fund to United Utah (or that's $4 for you and your spouse).  Basically, you get to tell the State how to spend $2 of the taxes they get to keep from you by putting it toward a party within the state to help fund election campaigns. 

So, while you can't tell the state how to spend the rest of the taxes they collected from you, you can at least tell them how to spend $2.  And to us, that can make a difference.

Click here for information directly from the Utah State Tax Commission website.

We appreciate your support!