Newsletter - Challenging the Duopoly

Newsletter - Challenging the Duopoly

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Chair's Note - Challenging the Duopoly

The Salt Lake Tribune's story about Jonia Broderick's intended run for Congress in the 4th district may have caught some people by surprise.  Of course, Jonia talked about her run at the state convention in May.  We reminded those at the social a couple of weeks ago that she was running.  But others may not have heard that. 


Some people may be disturbed about her running.  Those who like Ben McAdams may want to have him go unchallenged by us in this next election because they believe it is "his" seat.  (Of course, no similar request would be made of the Republicans.)

Why should the UUP run a candidate in the 4th district?

Legally, the party has to run Congressional candidates to remain on the ballot in Utah.  State law requires that a party receive at least two percent of the federal vote.  In 2020, that would mean the vote for a presidential candidate (which our bylaws currently do not include a provision for) or the total vote of the four Congressional district races.  (There is no US Senate race up next year.)  We need to make sure we stay on the ballot since every vote in every district counts towards that total.

In terms of legitimacy, the party must run in Congressional races.  Those are high profile races in the state.  Major parties typically don't forego Congressional races.  And we are striving to be a major party.


The voters in the 4th district who support the UUP should have analternative to the two extremist major political parties.  That may be a significant number of voters.

Other candidates at lower levels need the support of a Congressional candidate - a high profile candidate.  Certainly, Ben McAdams will give that support to the Democratic candidates in the district, and the Republican candidate will do the same for the lower level Republican candidates.  Our candidates deserve the same support.

Jonia, like other candidates the UUP will be running, is planning to run forcertain things and not against anyone.  Already, she has expressed the fact she likes Ben McAdams personally.  It isn't about him.  It is about ending the political tribalism that exists in the nation right now.  Ben is part of one of those tribes.  He is pulled to an extreme by the Democratic Party.  Jonia is offering a moderate alternative to that extremism. 


Personally, I count Ben as a friend, and have for a long time.  But he is well aware that the UUP must compete everywhere it can if it is to be considered a major party.  We did not run a candidate in 2018 in that district.  But we cannot constantly avoid a major race like the 4th district. 

A race including the UUP will be good for everyone.  It will be good for the UUP for the reasons stated above.  But it will be good for the voters as well.  Both major party candidates will work hard to get votes.  The voters will have a range of choices, not just two. 

Jonia's announcement is the first of others coming.  If you live in the 4th district, give her your support.  You will be building the party and offering voters an alternative many are searching for.

Screen_Shot_2017-12-31_at_8.07.14_PM.png- Richard Davis, Chair

Ready to Do What's Right for Utah, Not 2-Party System


"[T]he United Utah Party’s Jonia Broderick says she quite likes the incumbent Democrat and that her run in the 4th Congressional District is more about breaking the 'duopoly' of party politics.

"'My issue is with the party system, because no matter how good you are, ultimately, you end up having to abide by the rules of your tribe,' Broderick, 56, said Monday in a phone interview.  

. . .

"Her platform includes ideas for tackling the nation’s ballooning debt, limiting the influence of special interests in elections and welcoming more refugees into the country. She’s also a supporter of term limits — 16 years for a U.S. House member and 12 for a senator.

"People who stay in office too long tend to create a kind of 'fiefdom' around themselves, she contends.

"'They think they have unlimited power,' she said.


. . .

"Broderick said she’s also in favor of strengthening transparency in campaign finance reporting as a way of weakening the influence of special interests in government. 

To read the whole Tribune article, click here.  

To check out Jonia's webpage, click here.

County Conventions Start in a Month 

Our county conventions will be starting in September.   

The most meaningful interactions of our party take place at the county level.  It's where the rubber meets the road.  At our county conventions, we meet local folks who feel the same way as we do about our dysfunctional government and want to make a change.  We organize with them to get out in the community, to find and elect candidates, and to make our case to the community.  We organize to support good laws and initiatives.  

We need each and every member of the Party to make an appearance.  

Mark your calendars.   


Date Place

Sa, 7 Sep @ 10:30 

Manti City Hall Auditorium, Manti

Sa, 14 Sep      @ 10:30

Kaysville Library Auditorium, Kaysville
Washington Sa, 21 Sep      @ 10:00 Desert Hills High School, Saint George
Iron Sa, 21 Sep @ 1:00 Cedar City Library, Cedar City
Wasatch We, 25 Sep   @ 7:00 p.m. Wasatch High School, Heber City
Weber Sa, 12 Oct @ 11:00 Weber County Library, Ogden
Cache Sa, 12 Oct Whittier Center, Logan
Utah Sa, 26 Oct      @ 10:30 American Fork Library (Gardner Community Room)



Young Uniters Luau

Calling all Uniters aged 35 and under!


Save the date for our Young Uniters Luau on Saturday, August 24th at 5:00.  

Place:  Lone Peak Park (north pavilion), 10140 S. 700 East Sandy.  

Come meet some new friends, enjoy great food, and learn how you can make a difference in Utah.

All this for only $10

Did You Know?

Under the state's new initiative law changes, signature packets for initiatives now need to be turned in to the appropriate county clerks within 30 calendar days after the first signature is obtained on that packet? 


If you have been paying attention, you have seen that United Utah launched a new citizen initiative:  Unite for Term Limits.  We hope to have it on the ballot in 2020.  

In short, our initiative would limit legislators in Utah to 12 years of service.  The limit for the Governor and other key executive positions would be eight years.  After a time-out period, the candidate could run again.  Current officeholders are not affected.  

We believe this initiative has the right balance.  We are proposing a reasonable term limit that still allows elected officials to serve long enough to make a difference, but not so long their career becomes more important than their constituents.

Make no mistake.  It will not be easy to get this initiative on the ballot.  The legislature has imposed new rules -- like the 30-day rule above -- to make the process very difficult.  We need all hands on deck to make this work.  

Unite for Term Limits needs you to take signature packets to friends and neighbors to get their signatures.  They also need our help to fund the effort.  We hope not to have to employ signature gatherers.  Please go here to volunteer to help.  

Also watch for hearings that the law requires be held around the state.  Those hearings may start as early as 21 August.  We would love you to come to one of the hearings.  Watch for details.  

Forward this newsletter to one like-minded soul today.  To find out how you can get involved in United Utah, click here.  

If you are reading this newsletter for the first time and would like to receive it directly and regularly, please click on this link.  



The United Utah Party is dedicated to providing and supporting moderate alternatives to the political extremes.

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