Time to Vote

Time to Vote

As many of you know, ballots should be arriving soon for Utah residents. For some it will be as soon as this week. For others, it will be later this month. But for each of us, we should make sure to properly fill out the ballots and mail them in as soon as possible. 

As you know, the United Utah Party has many great candidates to vote for. If you are tired of the duopoly we have here in Utah, if you would like to see real change happen, then you should vote for the United Utah candidates. They will bring some badly needed accountability to our government. 

If there is one thing that the past couple of weeks have shown us, it’s that we desperately need more than two options on our ballots. There are many who like to suggest that voting 3rd party is a vote wasted, but they only say that to keep people from voting 3rd party. If everyone who wanted to vote 3rd party did vote 3rd party, these would be very different elections. 

So, as our country moves further and further to extremes and division, let’s respond by voting for a United Utah. We can lead America back to a more civil and productive path. So, let’s get out the vote!

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