Nonpartisan Non Sequitur?



adjective: non-partisan;

  1. not biased or partisan, especially toward any particular political group
  2. synonyms:  unbiased, impartial, neutral, objective

           "the moderator must remain nonpartisan throughout the debates"

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To Move Past 6 Percent

We are pleased that Jim Bennett crossed the threshold of the Utah Debate Commission. We expect he will be the first of many of our candidates entering those debates and articulating centrist views directed at the majority of Utah voters.


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Debate Victory


United Utah Party candidate Jim Bennett has just managed to do what no third-party candidate has ever done before—secure a podium on a stage sponsored by the Utah Debate Commission.

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Who Has Your Back?

     A year ago, when Republican Sean Reyes was running to for reelection as Utah’s Attorney General, he was asked a question about who his most important legal client would really be.

     Would it be the governor, the legislature, or the people?

     Now we have Reyes’ real answer:  None of the above. 

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Second Amendment


Endorsing the right of Utahns to possess firearms, as well as regulations that limit firearm possession in the hands of those who would use them irresponsibly.

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First Ever?


In today's Deseret News, Lisa Riley Roche wonders whether Jim Bennett will be the first ever 3rd party candidate to make the cut for a Utah Debate Commission debate.

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Dream Team or Pipe Dream?

The dangerously dysfunctional presidency of Donald Trump has endowed the nation with a Divider in Chief.

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A Change in Mood

Many of the Trump supporters in Utah liked the way he was willing to pick a fight. The trouble with fight-picking, though, is that our government is set up to require cooperation and compromise. The founders deliberately built a governing machinery that grinds when it gets too hot. It has to cool down to get moving again. At the moment, there are at least two hopeful signs that lubrication may be coming.


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Fix the Problem or Be the Problem

Voters want problem solvers 

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Jim Bennett Congratulates Curtis on GOP Victory

United Utah Party candidate notes differences with Curtis and “Party of Trump”

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