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Launches new website at 

The United Utah Party announced today in a Live Facebook event on its Facebook page held at 9:30 am that it is submitting an application for a ballot initiative that would place term limits on state elected officials in Utah.
Under the proposed initiative, state legislators would be subject to a 12-year limit that would allow state senators to serve three consecutive terms, while House members would be limited to six consecutive terms. However lawmakers would not be banned from running again after a “time-out” period.  The initiative also would exempt all elected officials currently serving on those positions.  

Statewide officials - governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, state treasurer, and state auditor - would be limited to two four-year terms. Federal officeholders would not be affected. 

“The goal is to restore the ideal of citizen service and discourage career politicians,” said Richard Davis, United Utah Party Chair.  “What we are proposing is a reasonable term limit that still allows elected officials to serve long enough to make a difference, but not so long their career becomes more important than their constituents.” 
Fifteen other states have term limits on their legislators, including Arizona, California, Montana, and Nevada, and twenty-eight other states have term limits on the governor, including Wyoming, Montana, Arizona, and Nevada.

“We prefer the legislative process, but we know that legislators will not seriously limit their own terms," Davis said. “The last time they did so, they repealed it before it affected anyone."  
In 1994, in response to a citizen initiative, the Utah legislature limited its terms to 12 years.  However, in the last two hours of the 2003 legislative session, with no debate, the legislature repealed its own term limit.  Governor Mike Leavitt signed the repeal.  
"We believe an initiative will make it harder for the legislature to play games with the voters since it will be the voters who impose the term limit system,"  Davis explained.  

The UUP has launched a website - - that outlines several reasons for the initiative, including eliminating a sense of entitlement to an office, rotating office holders to bring in new and fresh ideas, and decreasing incumbency advantage in elections. The website also will offer information about upcoming public hearings and allow supporters to donate time and money to the cause. 
“If it gets on the ballot, we are confident it will pass,” Davis said. “Surveys show that the voters want term limits.  We will need the help of many Utahns to get this on the ballot.” 

More information is available at
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Newsletter - Dog Whistles or Unity

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  • Did You Know?  
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Press Release:United Utah Party statement concerning Sen. Dan McCay's abortion legislation

The United Utah Party has issued the following statement:
Sen. Dan McCay has announced that he is drafting legislation on abortion that would be similar to controversial laws passed in Alabama and other states. He has stated that he is “unsure” whether his legislation will include exceptions for rape, incest, or even to save the life of the mother. 
This should be troubling to everyone in Utah, regardless of party. 
Like most Utahns, The United Utah Party opposes elective abortion in most circumstances, but we believe there must be the availability of exceptions for instances such as cases of rape or incest or when a mother’s life or health is in serious jeopardy. This is a part of our party platform, which is available at  
The recent spate of laws across the country do not allow for those exceptions, and Sen. McCay’s divisive rhetoric suggests that he is more interested in crafting a similar law that would pander to partisan extremes instead of representing the will of the majority of Utah voters.
That’s unacceptable. We can do better. 
We call on Senator McCay and the Utah Legislature to reject extremism and to find solutions that prioritize the health and welfare of both women and their children.   If legislators intend to pass legislation regarding abortion to challenge the Roe v. Wade decision, we urge them to include the exceptions we note.  Also, we believe that abortion facilities, particularly hospitals, should be available to women who meet these exceptions.  In addition, we urge the legislature to support legislation that makes alternative birth control options besides abortion more available to women, such as codifying the Utah Department of Health policy that allows women to gain access to birth control without a prescription.  
For more information, visit
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Newsletter - Purge Pay to Play

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  • Chair's Note - Purge "Pay to Play"
  • Tasty Summer Social Coming Soon
  • The Simple Life of Extremism
  • What?  Really?
  • Young Uniters Luau
  • County Convention Plans
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Newsletter - Make the Difference

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  • Chair's Note - Make the Difference
  • Timely Wisdom for Today
  • Video Training Call for Prospective City Council Candidates
  • Announcing Administrative Assistant Opening
  • County Conventions Coming Soon
  • The Sweetness of Ranked Choice Voting
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Hope for Newly-Elected Utah Republican Leadership

Photo credit: Salt Lake Tribune

Utah Republicans elected new leaders for their party last Saturday. I welcome the new leadership. Service to the community is to be applauded. Also, I have known Derek Brown for several years and respect his commitment to public service.

The new leadership is being portrayed by media reports as "reasonable" Republicans. I hope so. As reasonable Republicans, I urge them to do the following:

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Newsletter - Hope vs. Extremism

  • Chair's Note - Hope vs. Extremism
  • Utah County - Raise Your Voices!
  • Convention Plans
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United Utah Party 2019 State Convention

MIDVALE, UT – On Saturday, May 4, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, the United Utah Party will be holding its State Convention at Mt. Jordan Middle School in Sandy. Doors will open at 9:30 AM. This will be the third state convention for the party, which has been the most successful third party in Utah state election in the past two elections. 

“This will be an organizing convention,” said Richard Davis, the UUP Chair. “We will elect party officers, vote on proposed revisions to the party platform, and discuss party strategy going forward.”

All members of the United Utah Party are designated as delegates to the convention. Party members unable to travel to Sandy will still be able to participate at three different satellite locations in Logan, Vernal, and St. George. Addresses of the locations are available on the front page of the party website,

“We want to provide a stark contrast to the Republicans and Democrats, who only allow a relative handful of people to represent their entire parties at state conventions,” Davis said. “We want to be inclusive as possible.”

Those wanting to participate in the convention are encouraged to email [email protected] by April 26 in order to verify their party affiliation and register as a delegate and vote.

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NewsLetter - A Prettier Picture


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  • Governor Herbert Mostly Disappoints
  • Power of the Center
  • Convention Plan
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Newsletter - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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