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 UUP demands that the board “make openness the default position”

The board of the new Utah Inland Port Authority has decided to close its meetings to the public, which is a decision that does not sit well with the United Utah Party. 

“This board has faced controversy since its inception,” said Richard Davis, the UUP Party Chair. “Closed meetings will only add to the problem. The simplest and surest way to restore public confidence in the Inland Port Authority is to open all meetings to the public.”

Derek Miller, the chairman of the port authority board, has stated that while he “can understand the logic” behind calls for open meetings, but since the law does not require them, he doesn’t want to “enter the realm of it being arbitrary.” 

“That’s inconsistent,” Davis said. “The state legislature opens its committee meetings, so why shouldn’t this board? After all, this is a publicly funded entity using public tax dollars to do the public's business, yet it’s excluding the public from its deliberations.”

Davis also took issue with Miller’s concerns about open meetings being “arbitrary.”

“The board wouldn’t waste any time on this if they were to simply make openness the default position when it comes to meetings,” Davis said. “Anything less than that is not acceptable.”

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Weekly Newsletter - Just 11 Weeks to Go!


  • Chair's Note - With just 11 weeks to go before the election, we could really use your help.
  • Great Candidates YOU Are Supporting
    • Hal Miller (Utah House District 64)
    • Eric Chase (Utah House District 61)
  • Let the Endorsements Begin
  • Uniting Independents
  • State Fair Nearly Here
  • Last Chance - The Onions Are Marching in Payson! 
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Weekly Newsletter - We Have Great Candidates!


  • Chair's Note - We have really great candidates!


  • Unite!  Register with Us!


  • Great Candidates YOU Are Supporting
    • Tim Zeidner (Congressional District 3)
    • Hillary Stirling (Utah House District 57)
  • Don't Miss the Fairs


  • Last Chance - The Onions Are Marching in Payson! 
  • Latest Success of NDNRs
  • Don't Miss Our Summer Survey
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Weekly Newsletter - Come to the Fair

In this edition of the newsletter find out more about the upcoming fairs and consider getting involved!  Also, get to know one of our candidates running for Utah House District 51 - Michele Weeks!


  • Chair's Note
  • Still Some Good Parades Left! - Don't Miss Out
  • Great Candidates YOU Are Supporting
    • Michele Weeks (Utah House District 51)
  • Our Summer Survey


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Weekly Newsletter - Be A Change Agent

Enjoy our weekly newsletter filled with information and inspiration!  This week, learn about one of our volunteers and two of our candidates.  Celebrate with us as we recognize the achievement of a recent fundraising goal!  Consider getting involved by volunteering or donating to some of our upcoming parades and fairs.  And, if you haven't already, please take our summer survey. 

We appreciate all you do to help keep our party moving forward! 


Chair's Note

Volunteer . . . or Somebody Will Do It for You

And We Do Fairs Too

These Are the Candidates YOU Are Supporting

  • Mark Russell (Utah House District 49)
  • Amy Martz (Utah House District 42)

Our Summer Survey

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Weekly Newsletter

For folks who already receive our newsletter via e-mail, here is a chance for more people to read and enjoy its contents.  Filled with inspiration, updates, and valuable information -- it's definitely worth the read!



  • Chair's Note

During the recent special convention, "it was heartening to listen to the three candidates for the position explain why the United Utah Party was so important, how they could contribute to making the party a political force in the state, and what they would do as a Congressional candidate.  Their words inspired me to keep going."

  • . . . and the Parades Just Keep on Marching

Enjoy recent parade pictures and see which parades are coming up! It's a really fun way to get the word out about our party. 

  • See What the Candidates YOU are supporting have been up to lately!
    • Eric Eliason (1st District)
    • Tim Zeidner (3rd District)
  • Break the Gridlock

A big part of the problem circles around rules of the House of Representatives.  In bygone days, bipartisan bills came to the floor to be debated.  Amendments were introduced and debated.  No more.  The rules, and those who know how to use them, prevent that.  The House is now a place where good bipartisan solutions go to die.

  • We Made It!
  • Our Summer Survey
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Great news! We have successfully raised $20,000 for our advertising campaign, and we couldn't have done it without you!

Thank you all for your donations and for supporting our silent auction. Because of your willingness to support, we'll be able to reach hundreds of thousands of potential voters in the lead-up to this election.

We encourage you to keep supporting this effort. If you can, we invite you to become a recurring, monthly donor, that we might be able to continue to get the word out, hold events, and ensure that all voters in Utah know that they have a practical choice.

Thank you all again!

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Zeidner wins nomination in the UUP’s first contested race
PROVO, UT –  Last night, at the Provo City Library, the United Utah Party gathered to nominate a replacement for Melanie McCoard, who was stepping down as the UUP candidate for US Congress in the Third Congressional District due to health concerns. 


“This was our first contested race,” said Richard Davis, the United Utah Party Chair. “Three fine candidates stepped forward, and Tim Zeidner won on the first ballot.” 


“I’m thrilled to be in this race and help move this party forward,” Zeidner said. “The principles of the United Utah Party represent the majority of the people of Utah, and its only a matter of times before we reach critical mass.”


Zeidner serves as the Director of Research and Evaluation at the Provo Missionary Training Center for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He and his wife, Annalee, are the parents of five children. 
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Chair's Note - UUP a Place for Moderates, Pass It On

Thank you so much to those who have helped us with our fundraising blitz.  We are nearly 3/4 of the way there.  Our goal is $20,000 by July 24.  Then, we can launch a social media blitz that will raise awareness of the United Utah Party among your friends, co-workers, and neighbors.  If you haven't already, please donate!

Recently, well-meaning people have been telling us that we should join a major party (primarily the Republicans) where we can moderate one of the two major parties.  In fact, they say the Republican Party already is moderating.  So, we would be welcome.

Actually, we should be flattered.  That means they are worried about what kind of impact we will have on policy.  That means they fear our candidates will do well.  They worry we will draw people away from the extremist parties by our practical, common sense approach.  And that might mean they would lose.  

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Chair's Note - Who Are We?

Do people ask you what the United Utah Party is?  They ask me often.  They ask our candidates all the time.  They do that because they just don't know.  In fact, most people still don't know who we are.  


Yet, when we have told them in polls who we are and then asked if them if they are more or less likely to support our candidates after hearing about us, a majority say they are more likely.  That is good news.  It just means we need to get word out about who we are.  The sooner we do that, the greater our support will be, and the more likely we can elect these new kinds of candidates who do not have to follow a strict party line as Republicans and Democrats do. 

That is why we want to initiate a major social media campaign later this month.  We want to use social media to reach hundreds of thousands of Utah voters.  We want people to know who we are so they will vote for our candidates - both this year and in the future.
We need your help.  Please contribute to our fundraising blitz to pay for this social media campaign.  We want to raise $20,000 by July 24, which is less than two weeks away.  Then, with that money we can launch the social media campaign we are now working on.
We are about 60 percent of the way there.  Please help us get to our goal so we can launch this social media campaign and help inform your friends and neighbors about what the United Utah Party is and why we are the answer to the partisan gridlock and extreme ideology that hampers our government.

Contribute today!  

- Richard Davis, Chair
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