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Success or Failure?

When I was young… well, younger… and struggling with decisions and pathways that seemed shadowed and uncertain, I had an older, wiser friend introduce me to one of my now favorite poems. Rudyard Kipling, inspired by military failure, wrote the poem “If”. I am still inspired by its profound message.

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Newsletter - We Have a Dream Too


  • Chair's Note - We Have a Dream Too
  • Why Utah Needs a Reform Party
  • Eliason and Weeks Recognized as Impressive Candidates
  • Party Strategy Session
  • Convention Plans
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Newsletter - Enough Already!


  • Chair's Note - Enough Already!
  • Major Party Share of Registration Declines Again
  • Legislative Thoughts
  • Bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus Members Seek to End the Shutdown
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Nils Bergeson has been elected by the United Utah Party’s Executive Committee as State Party Vice Chair. He will replace Aaron Aizad, who recently resigned from the position.  

Bergeson has been serving as the UUP’s Executive Director since February of 2018. He will be replaced in that post by Hillary Stirling, who recently ran as the UUP candidate in Utah House District 57 (Pleasant Grove and American Fork).   
“We are sorry to lose Aaron, but we are happy to have Nils as the Vice Chair and Hillary as our new Executive Director,” said United Utah Party Chair Richard Davis.  “Both of them have been active in helping build the party over the past year.”
Bergeson, a native of Cache County, served as a Foreign Service Officer with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) prior to his appointment as the UUP Executive Director. He graduated from Utah State University with a degree in International Relations in 2006 and later earned a Master of Public Administration degree from the Monterey Institute of International Studies in 2008. He lives with his wife and three children in Providence, Utah.

Stirling has a BA in English from BYU and an AS in Paralegal Studies from UVU, where she was also valedictorian of her program. She was raised in Montana, but she has lived in Utah for almost all of her adult life and considers it her home.  In addition to her professional work as a paralegal and her political involvement, Stirling serves on the Pleasant Grove's Historic Preservation Commission. She lives in Pleasant Grove with her husband and two teenage children.
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Just the Beginning

We have three upcoming events, inspired by the significant inroads gained by this year's election!

United Utah is so very proud of their candidates as results are calculated for this year's election.  Participating in a full election for the first time, it is awe-inspiring to see just how many Utahns have found the courage to support something new. We share that common desire to come together to find real and practical solutions to our shared problems. And this is only the beginning.

Click on our Events to learn more!

Don't see an event in your area but would like to learn more? Contact us to arrange a meeting in your area.

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United Utah Party makes significant inroads in 2018 election

Candidates perform well throughout the state 

The new moderate party in the state defied expectations in its share of the vote in 2018.  The United Utah Party didn’t win any elections in 2018, but several of its candidates far exceeded the typical performance by third parties.  

“Tens of thousands of Utah voters cast a vote for a brand new party,” said Richard Davis, United Utah Party chair.  “We’ve gone from a party that didn’t exist two years ago to a party that outperformed every other party in the state other than the Democrats and Republicans. These results show genuine momentum that will carry us to victory in 2020.”

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Weekly Newsletter - Political Partisanship is not Practical

  • Chair's Note - Solutions, Not Parties
  • HELP
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Weekly Newsletter - Don't Just Complain


  • Chair's Note - Don't Just Complain!
  • Our Candidates Congregate Wednesday
  • Meet McCabe and Miller
  • Help!
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Weekly Newsletter - Get Involved!


  • Chair's Note - Get Involved!
  • Time to Meet Our Candidates
  • Time to Flip On Term Limits
  • Public Discontent with Intense Polarization
  • Housing Affordability Summit
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Salt Lake City Library gathering to host a number of UUP candidates

On October 10th, 2018, from 3 - 5 pm, candidates for the United Utah Party will gather at the Salt Lake City Library to meet voters and discuss their legislative agenda.  This event is open to both the press and the public. 
“We have more candidates running in Utah races than any party other than the Republicans or Democrats,” said Richard Davis, the United Utah Party Chair. “This is a great opportunity for voters to learn more about them and discover a party that reflects the mainstream of Utah voters.”
Davis said the event will include an opportunity for the candidates to discuss the UUP’s recently announced legislative agenda, along with other issues that are important to voters. “We’ve gotten very specific in terms of establishing our priorities,” Davis said. “When voters discover they have a real choice, they get very excited.”
The UUP Legislative Agenda focuses on education, clean air, housing affordability, lower healthcare costs, term limits, campaign finance reform, open primaries, open meetings, and an a independent redistricting commission. “We’re a reform-oriented party,” Davis said. “Our candidates believe that it’s time to make government more responsive to the voters, not to party leadership.”
Nils Bergeson, the Exective Director of the UUP, agreed with Davis. 
"The fact that we have so many candidates - and not just names on ballots but candidates putting in significant time and resources into reaching out to potential voters - is very heartening for a brand new party like ours,” Bergeson said. "In fact, it's unprecedented. It shows how strong the demand for change from the status quo truly is. I'm glad that we'll have the chance to show many in the state what high-quality individuals we attract to run under our unifying banner.”
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