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Zeidner wins nomination in the UUP’s first contested race
PROVO, UT –  Last night, at the Provo City Library, the United Utah Party gathered to nominate a replacement for Melanie McCoard, who was stepping down as the UUP candidate for US Congress in the Third Congressional District due to health concerns. 


“This was our first contested race,” said Richard Davis, the United Utah Party Chair. “Three fine candidates stepped forward, and Tim Zeidner won on the first ballot.” 


“I’m thrilled to be in this race and help move this party forward,” Zeidner said. “The principles of the United Utah Party represent the majority of the people of Utah, and its only a matter of times before we reach critical mass.”


Zeidner serves as the Director of Research and Evaluation at the Provo Missionary Training Center for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He and his wife, Annalee, are the parents of five children. 
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Chair's Note - UUP a Place for Moderates, Pass It On

Thank you so much to those who have helped us with our fundraising blitz.  We are nearly 3/4 of the way there.  Our goal is $20,000 by July 24.  Then, we can launch a social media blitz that will raise awareness of the United Utah Party among your friends, co-workers, and neighbors.  If you haven't already, please donate!

Recently, well-meaning people have been telling us that we should join a major party (primarily the Republicans) where we can moderate one of the two major parties.  In fact, they say the Republican Party already is moderating.  So, we would be welcome.

Actually, we should be flattered.  That means they are worried about what kind of impact we will have on policy.  That means they fear our candidates will do well.  They worry we will draw people away from the extremist parties by our practical, common sense approach.  And that might mean they would lose.  

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Chair's Note - Who Are We?

Do people ask you what the United Utah Party is?  They ask me often.  They ask our candidates all the time.  They do that because they just don't know.  In fact, most people still don't know who we are.  


Yet, when we have told them in polls who we are and then asked if them if they are more or less likely to support our candidates after hearing about us, a majority say they are more likely.  That is good news.  It just means we need to get word out about who we are.  The sooner we do that, the greater our support will be, and the more likely we can elect these new kinds of candidates who do not have to follow a strict party line as Republicans and Democrats do. 

That is why we want to initiate a major social media campaign later this month.  We want to use social media to reach hundreds of thousands of Utah voters.  We want people to know who we are so they will vote for our candidates - both this year and in the future.
We need your help.  Please contribute to our fundraising blitz to pay for this social media campaign.  We want to raise $20,000 by July 24, which is less than two weeks away.  Then, with that money we can launch the social media campaign we are now working on.
We are about 60 percent of the way there.  Please help us get to our goal so we can launch this social media campaign and help inform your friends and neighbors about what the United Utah Party is and why we are the answer to the partisan gridlock and extreme ideology that hampers our government.

Contribute today!  

- Richard Davis, Chair
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Chair's Note - This Year and the Future

Can UUP candidates win this year?  This is a question that I ponder.  Can we move from a new party barely a year old to one gaining a majority, or even a plurality, in any district? 


The short answer is yes.  It is possible that we can win THIS YEAR one or more of the races we are competing in.  Polls we and others have conducted over the past 20 months or so have shown that voters are not closely tied to the existing two major parties, are willing to consider an alternative, and, when they hear what we stand for, are willing to vote for a United Utah Party candidate. 

That is all the good news.  However, the bad news is that a majority of Utahns still do not know much, if anything, about the United Utah Party.  We have made a dent through social media, our court fight last year, some traditional media coverage (although not much), and our current candidates' efforts.  Yet, entering the public consciousness when people are focused on so many other things in life is not easy.  We are working on it.


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Congressional District 1 Candidate in the News

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UUP candidates pledge to propose law to prevent future self-appointments

Seven United Utah Party candidates for the state legislature  -  Michele Weeks (HD 54), Stephen Walston (HD 41), Mark Russell (HD 49), Eric Chase (HD 61), Hillary Stirling (HD 57), Alex Castagno (SD 9), and Lee Houghton (SD 15) – have prepared a joint statement calling on Greg Hughes to resign from the board of Utah’s planned Inland Port. Hughes appointed himself the board as one of his final official acts as Utah’s Speaker of the House. 

The statement reads as follows:

As candidates of the United Utah Party, we are committed to common-sense reform to restore the public’s faith in the integrity our state government. That faith was severely undermined by Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes’s self-appointment to the board of Utah’s Inland Port. 

Beyond that self-appointment issue, Speaker Hughes now is declining to submit a conflict of interest form required by law because he claims that the law on conflict of interest regarding board members is ambiguous.  He also admits that, as a real estate developer, he may have a conflict of interest.

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Chair's Note - Trump's Immigration

Image from San Antonio Express

Recent events involving the Trump administration’s immigration policy demonstrate how necessary our approach to immigration is to the nation and the state’s welfare.  There is a compelling need for a humane and compassionate immigration policy.  Clearly, we do not have such a policy today.


There is no doubt we need to protect our borders.  No nation can be sovereign without securing its own territory.  However, the Trump administration took that philosophy to its extreme.  By categorizing all individuals who cross our nation’s southern border to seek asylum as criminals, the administration was converting a minor offense into a felony.  That is why they took the next step in their logic and separated adults from children since children don’t go to jail.  But the criminalization of these individuals was a choice by the Trump administration.  It was not an essential policy under the law.  The president's reversal of his policy was overdue.  It should never have been implemented.


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A Call for Candidates - Salt Lake County Council Vacancy

There is a vacancy in the Salt County Council due to the sad passing of Sam Granato.  The vacancy in Council District 4 will be filled by a special election on November 6.  The United Utah Party, like other political parties, will be able to designate a candidate to stand for the general election.  The party is calling for individuals who are interested in being the candidate to indicate their interest in competing for the office by Thursday, June 28 at 5 pm.   They can write an email to  
Candidates must be registered voters in that district and be affiliated with the United Utah Party.

The party will hold a meeting of all party members on Monday, July 2, to formally nominate an individual as the nominee of the United Utah Party for this race.   (The time and place is yet to be determined.)  All registered party members are invited to participate in the voting at that meeting.  If there is more than one individual running, a vote will be held to determine the nominee.

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Compassionate Immigration

You have seen the headlines:

77,000 cases involving migrant kids are stuck in limbo. Splitting families up will make it worse.”

About 2,000 minors separated from families"

Photo from

You have heard the quotes blaming the other side:

I hate the children being taken away. The Democrats have to change their law.” - President Trump

Only in the Trump era would forcibly tearing children away from their parents be considered an acceptable policy to uphold our values. This is shameful & un-American.” ~Senator Menendez, D- NJ

Image result for democrats and republicans blaming each other
Image from Crow River Media

You have watched as Congress struggles to work out a solution all while being undermined by the President stating that he will not sign a moderate immigration bill.

It is time for a change

The United Utah Party is working to elect leaders committed to “federal action thatcreates an immigration system that respects the sanctity and dignity of families while enforcing the law.” (United Utah Platform)

It is time to start working together to do what is right. It is time to start putting human interests before special interests. It is time to solve our problems, not simply blame the other side.  

Join us in our fight.
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First Parade of the Season

The United Utah Party was in its first parade of the season last Saturday.  Orem Summerfest's grand parade included 100 entries, but I think ours was the best.  Special thanks to Hillary and Del Stirling who created the design, bought the materials, and built most of the float.  Thanks also to Diane and Larry Knight for donating the trailer for the season.  And thanks as well to those who came one or two Saturdays to help construct the float and/or walked the parade route or became an actor on the float.

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